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Novasuede Honda Civic: 2014 SEMA Show Feature Vehicle

This project originally served as an example of our skills in custom upholstery work. The interior was stripped and re-fabricated to show off how crazy we can get with builds. It was originally built  15 years ago. For the 2014 SEMA Show we restored this car to its "period correct" condition. We did this in honor of my late father, who had last seen this car in that "period correct" condition. Everything which needed to be redone, was redone in his honor to restore the car to the "period correct" condition he had last seen it in before his health declined and he passed away. Think of this build as nostalgia: a period correct piece re-built in honor of my late father. It wasn't easy tracking down some of the "period correct" pieces for this build after all those years. It is an example of our interior, upholstery, fabrication, wiring, and stereo building skills.

SuedeCivic SuedeCivic_B SuedeCivic_C SuedeCivic_D SuedeCivic_E SuedeCivic_F SuedeCivic_G SuedeCivic_H SuedeCivic_I SuedeCivic_J SuedeCivic_K SuedeCivic_L SuedeCivic_interior SuedeCivic_N SuedeCivic_O SuedeCivic_P SuedeCivic_Q SuedeCivic_S SuedeCivic_T SuedeCivic_U SuedeCivic_ZM

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